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American Yeast Facility

It’s time for another project spotlight 📣 Universal installed a new molasses offloading system at the American Yeast facility located in Memphis, Tennessee. The system runs 1,800 feet and includes a 12” stainless steel molasses line, a 4” stainless steel steam line, and two ½” stainless steel heat trace lines.  The offload piping lines are supported by a bar joist bridge system that runs from the existing plant to a new offloading barge located in the adjacent river system. Universal’s scope included fabrication and installation of all piping, bridges, structural supports, ladders, handrails, and foundations, as well as civil work including geo-fabric, backfill, and grading. We are thankful for our skilled employees who make these jobs possible to complete! Universal is here for all your industrial contracting needs. #ThrowbackThursday #ProjectSpotlight #WinWithUniversal

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