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Crop Shear Chute Project

We think it’s time for a project spotlight! Universal Services recently fabricated and installed a new 16,000+ lbs. replacement crop shear chute for a hot strip mill.

The crop shear chute is used to funnel red hot crops, weighing up to 400lbs., from the crop shear to the dumpsters below. Over time the existing chute was damaged due to being beaten by crops hundreds of times a day.

Our job was to remove the old chute and replace it with a new chute that we fabricated in our shop. We used a 5 man crew to remove the existing and install the new fabricated chute all within a single 12 hour shift!

Here's what the hot strip mill maintenance leader said about the project: "This was a top priority of the outage. We suffered 33 plus hours downtime at the end of last year due to the old chute. We have attempted to make repairs on the chute, but this ultimately only bought us a few weeks at a time. This job was a huge success and Universal is a world class company!"

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